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Northfield Center Sagamore -- Hills Fire District equipment split 'amicable'

by Briana Barker | Reporter Published: August 24, 2016 12:00 AM

Northfield Center -- Trustees have agreed to a split of equipment when the Northfield Center-Sagamore Hill Fire District dissolves in September.

During the Aug. 17 Fire District meeting, Trustees from both townships unanimously voted to accept a 50/50 split of the fire district's equipment, pending a final inspection of the equipment and a review of the maintenance records.

Sagamore Hills Trustee Dave DePasquale recommended the district have an outside company inspect the vehicles.

"Each township should walk away with all the maintenance records for each piece of equipment they are getting," DePasquale said. "As a district I believe we should split the cost 50/50 ... I think everything should be looked at, inspected if you will, so that each township is aware of what they might be looking at as far as repairs go."

DePasquale said the split was "amicable" with both townships ending up with enough equipment to serve its residents from their respective fire stations.

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He said each township will leave the district with one fire truck, two ambulances and one chase vehicle apiece. An 18-page document outlines how all the equipment --including hoses, ladders, radios and other apparatus -- will be assigned.

In June, each township appointed one Trustee to work with Fire District attorneys Jeff Snell and Michael Harvey on the division of equipment after a March decision by Sagamore Hills Trustees to exit the district.

DePasquale represented Sagamore Hills' interest while Trustee Rich Reville represented Northfield Center's interests.

Northfield Center Trustee John Romanik said the goal was to get each department enough equipment to start out with.

"We realized moving forward both communities needed a functional department to serve residents," Romanik said. "We tried to be equal."

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The district will dissolve Sept. 14.

Snell told the News Leader he is not aware of any further matters to be resolved for the district, and anticipates the Aug. 17 meeting was the district's final meeting.

Sagamore Hills in April signed a contract with Macedonia for fire service in April to begin Sept. 15 at a cost of $750,000 annually for staffing. The township is working to outfit a building in the Sagamore Hills Park to hold equipment and staff.

Northfield Center has not signed a contract as of press time but is working with Macedonia officials on final details of a $375,00 per year deal for staffing. The township will continue to operate out if the Route 82 building where the district has been operating from for years.

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