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Letter: Hopes loss of Northfield Center Fire Department doesn't mean loss of community

Published: August 24, 2016 12:00 AM

I'm sorry to

hear that so many residents want an outside community to staff our Northfield Center Fire Department.

We have a fire department along with the staff to run it, so why do we need to hire someone else? I wonder how many of those residents that voted "No" had ever visited our fire department facility? It was also mentioned to me that our community is too small to support a fire department. When I moved out here in 1959 it was a small community, which is what we wanted. We even had our own fire department and many people worked hard to build it and keep it running. I hate to hear anyone criticize it.

I have been told that outsourcing the fire department was the same as us hiring the Summit County Sherriff -- but in actuality it is quite different. I may be getting old and dislike change, but I also don't like to see people lose their jobs that they have worked hard for.

Our township is still going to need more than a 2-mill fire levy eventually. It is just like any other insurance (ex: home, car, medical) and through the years it is going cost more.

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The Northfield Center Trustees have been given a lot to decide and I am sure they will do what is best.

I just hope we don't lose everything that defines us as the community of Northfield Center Township in the process.

Mona Brockman, Northfield Center

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Islandgirl23 Aug 30, 2016 10:44 PM

I couldn't agree more Mona. You are not old. You are smart. You are aware and educated about what really matters. I wish more people shared your wisdom and love for community.