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Here are some reactions to Wildwater Kingdom's closing

Published: August 24, 2016 3:11 PM

The announcement that Cedar Fair will close Wildwater Kingdom water park in Aurora and Bainbridge Township brought a lot of reaction on the Advocate's and Record-Courier's Facebook pages.

Here are excerpts from some of the responses:

Carrie Hanus -- This will be another eyesore on 43. They have been talking about "developing" that area for years. Aurora deserves better.

That whole stretch of road just looks so sad and depressing. And we don't need another grocery store. They can use one of the numerous empty buildings for that.

How about a rec center with indoor and outdoor pool. Why should we have to pay to go to another city? What about a sports complex with room for indoor baseball / soccer / other sports facilities?

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Erica Angela Miele Strahm -- This is what I hate about short summers. Places like this can't make enough money to continue to stay in business. When school starts up, they lose all their lifeguards and a lot of their clientele, so parks have to reduce their hours.

Slices of Americana will cease to exist, because of our shortened summers and obsession with youth sports. Amusement parks are first. Summer camps will be next.

Susanne Broestl Imars -- Cedar Point (Cedar Fair) is probably closing it so more people travel up to their newly vamped water park for next season.

Vaughn Magdics -- It should be developed into something nice instead left as an eyesore. Parks, rec center, pool. Add back to communities.

Danielle Trainer Pollard -- So sad. One of my favorite places to visit as a kid.

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Beth Bahara Bohannon -- It is sad. I wish Aurora would get a rec center.

Karen Kame -- Boo.

Kasi Knechtl -- This is terrible.

Emily Rogers -- This is not fair.

Heidi Giddan -- End of an era.

Kim Chokas Longar -- Now what?

Monica Noland -- I live right by this park; it is always busy. There is nothing else around here.

Janice Scarlett -- It's funny how this comes right on the heels of Cedar Point's announcement of a brand new water park since they're the ones that closed Geauga Lake.

Megan Sigel --There's nothing to do around these parts like this.

Donna Cantu Baldwin -- Sad. I wonder if it will be left abandoned like the Geauga Lake side.

Sandra Sabean Boyle -- Wow! What a loss.

Alex Acevedo -- Can't do much if no one goes. If the park was profitable then they would keep it open. Clearly it is not.

Sofya Krupnik -- I went there a few times. It's really fun and always busy.

Teresa Staats -- Nothing's been the same since Geauga Lake closed.

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